Sanar un mundo herido

Healing a broken world

It is a document on Ecology written by a working group formed by Jesuits and lay collaborators, chosen worldwide, read more


Acción no violenta

Non-Violent Action Today, by Martin Newell

I am speaking here of my own experience and motivation. The first and most important basis of my motivation is my faith, and my conviction that Jesus is a pacifist, that Jesus is non-violent. read more


Peace and Environment

Peace and Environment

A Lecture Presented at the General Assembly of the WUCWO by Fr. John Jai-Don Lee. read more


Antonietta Potente

Final Deliberations and Antonietta Potente, by Antonio Munduate

The work of moderator was done by Father Martin Coffey. Before starting the evaluation form material were distributed to those who attended this worshop seminar. read more